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Why Swadesh Recyclers LLP

* Secured Handling and Processing of E-waste 

* Reverse Logistics facility

* Huge E-waste  Collection Network 

* Certified E-waste Management Company

* Professional and Skilled Workforce  


About Us

Swadesh Recyclers LLP is an Electronic waste management company that believes in Promoting Eco-friendly Reuse and Recycling of Electronics and end to end E-waste Management, We have more than a decade of experience in electronic waste Processing, We use Latest state of the art Technology in the Collection and dismantling of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), the main aim of Swadesh Recyclers is protecting the mother earth from hazardous environmental pollution by managing & treating the e-waste in a safe and secure environment, for these Swadesh recyclers works with individuals, small business owners, corporates, educational institutions, and Non-Profit organizations.

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